Friday, 11 January 2013

Fundraiser Friday

Working for a not for profit organization, I know the difficulty and time it can take to raise money for programs and our students. However, sometimes keeping it simple is all that's needed.

Right now is not the best economic times, but by reaching out to our community you may be surprised with what you hear back. Organizations, companies, businesses and individuals can be generous, especially when it comes to their own community and schools.

Make sure parents and caregivers are aware of the nutrition programs in schools and that you are feeding their children. Send out letters, put it in your newsletters, on your schools signs, on the website or send out business cards like Knollwood Park has done in the past.

Shown: Front and Back

If our community and members are given the knowledge and opportunity of how they can help, more often than not, they will. Adopting the Field of Dreams mantra "if you build it, they will come" is not enough. You have to promote what you've built - programs that provide healthy food to students to help them grow and learn.

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