Tuesday 21 May 2013

Frozen Berry Shapes

An Easy, Fun Snack for Warm Days!

Looking for snack ideas that kids can help with and that will be cool and healthy on warm days?

Try making frozen berry shapes!

They are easy to make!  Just follow these steps:

1. Get some ice cube trays that are in shapes - you can find them in grocery stores, drug stores, kitchen stores, and even some dollar stores.
2.  Choose any kind of berries
3.  Cut the berries into pieces that can fit into all the crevices of the shapes in your tray
4.  Fill a squeeze bottle with water and have the kids fill the remaining spaces in your tray with water.
5.  Put them in the freezer!

Once they are frozen you can add them to yogurt, put them in glasses of water, or eat them as they are!

berry flavored water
Recipe adapted from www.superhealthykids.com

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