Monday, 24 September 2012

Keeping it Fresh

To get the most out of the fruit you buy here are some tips to keep them fresh, crisp and juicy. Nobody likes it when fruit goes bad. I've included a list of fruits that are best kept in the fridge and how long they should be able to last once they are ripe. Remember these are just guidelines, use your best judgement.

  • Apples 3 - 4 weeks (*Apples cause other fruits/vegetables to ripen faster. Keep them separate)
  • Blueberries 1 - 2 weeks
  • Grapes 5 - 7 days
  • Mango 5 - 7 days
  • Melons 7 - 10 days
  • Nectarine 3 - 5 days
  • Oranges 2 - 3 weeks
  • Peaches 3 - 5 days
  • Pineapple 3 -5 days
  • Plums 3 -5 days
  • Strawberries 3 -5 days
  • Watermelon 2 weeks
Some fruits need to ripen first on the counter before they should be placed in a fridge. These include mangoes, melons, nectarines, peaches, bananas and plums. 

Most fresh fruit lasts longer if you keep them in their original packaging. There are now plastic bags and special containers with vents to help keep fruit fresh longer. They work great for grapes, blueberries, cherries or strawberries.

Another option is to freeze fruit. Frozen fruit is great to use in recipes for smoothies or muffins. Most fruit will last in the freezer for up to 1 year.

For more information on keeping your fruit fresh visit Eat Right Ontario.

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