Wednesday, 5 September 2012

Something to think About

Kristy Duncan (MP for North Toronto) wrote an article on the need for a Canada wide school nutrition program. Despite Canada being a developed country, our students do not have access to a pan-Canadian nutrition program.

Her article highlights some of the statistics for the Toronto area but all over Canada students are in need of proper nutrition. In London and Middlesex area, students have snack or breakfast programs to ensure they are fully fed. In the 2011-2012 school year, London and Middlesex programs funded by the Ontario Student Nutrition Program fed on average 7,260 students daily. There were 73 schools that received this funding and over 1,000,000 meals were served. These 73 schools are only a small percentage represented of the school population. Nutrition programs could not be possible without the dedication and generous donations from other organizations. These include, but are not limited to, Breakfast Clubs of Canada, Breakfast for Learning, The Maycourt Club and other community business and members.

These organizations work together to provide our youth that are not only hungry but need access to healthy choices. All of these donations could not be put to use without the tireless efforts of hard working volunteers. In our area, volunteer commitment added to over 20,000 hours! The stigma that nutrition programs are for the poor is an old-fashioned view. We all need food and these programs help students make smart and nutritious choices.
    Please take the time to read Kristy Duncan's article here and leave comments. It is important for us all to realize this is not a cost but an investment in our children's future.

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