Friday 19 October 2012

Fundraiser Friday!

For an effective nutrition program to run, it is very important to see fundraisers as an opportunity to not only fund the program directly, but promote the program and engage the community.

Thinking up new ideas to use in schools can be difficult. You want fundraisers that are simple and effective. I wanted to highlight a particular idea I think is great because it is simple, versatile and has options.

A Canadian Tire Money Fundraiser:

We all have that little stash of Canadian Tire money. How many of us actually use it? Why not make a fundraiser out of it.

Ask students, teachers and staff to bring in any Canadian Tire Money they have at home. You can do this for a month, two months, or all year long. The money raised can be used to purchase equipment and materials needed for your nutrition program.

Collect the money from each classroom at the beginning of every week and keep track of what has been raised. By keeping a tally, you can have a healthy prize for the winning class as an incentive.

If you are interested in using this idea, leave a comment below and I can send you a newsletter template, excel spreadsheet template and labels.

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