Friday 12 October 2012

Hats off to....

St. Robert Catholic Elementary School

Located in the Argyle Neighbourhood in London, the St. Robert Healthy Snack program has been running for 7 years. Their program serves a healthy snack consisting of 2 food groups to the entire school population of 260 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. St. Robert’s snack program runs in the mornings from 9am to 11:30am. They have labelled snack baskets for each classroom that are prepared and delivered before morning recess. Students return the baskets when the class is done and volunteers do all the cleaning and prep work for the next snack day.

St. Robert’s also participates in a research program called  Nutrition Ignition! run by UWO/Brescia students getting their Masters. This consists of activities to help students lead a healthier lifestyle including:

  • Classroom Lessons
  • Snack Attack and Fun Fitness Events
  • Walk/Bike to School Challenge
  • Educational Event for Families
  • Parental Newsletters

In addition to their regular snack days, special snack days take place throughout the year to promote healthy living and get kids interested in nutritious snacks.These special days include Eat a Rainbow, Health-o-ween, Christmas colours and other fun days.

Last year St. Robert received $1000 through the Bio K+ Healthy Community Event for their efforts. This money was used for their snack program and used to get kids interested in eating fruits, vegetables and other foods that may seem foreign to them. 
Watch their presentation here.

This year St. Robert was successful in receiving $1000 through Metro Green Apple School Program for their “Dare Ya Days.” Dare Ya Days take place throughout the year to get students to try exciting, new and fun foods they may not be familiar with. 

Keep up the great work!

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