Thursday 8 November 2012

Crunch Pictures

I was able to visit 4 schools this year that held The Great Big Crunch. Each school had it's own style to the event but each one was a great success and it was so great to see all the students crunching into apples and enjoying eating healthy!

JP Robarts Public School

Bright and early in the morning, students were given apples to crunch in their own classrooms after an announcement was made. One, two, crunch!

Northbrae Public School

After their morning recess, students came back into their classes eager to crunch on the apples waiting for them.

A great literacy activity as well. Sensory descriptions as you eat the apple.

Victoria Public School

All the students gathered in the library and were given crunchy, shiny apples to bite into. 220 students chanted together their "Apple Rap".

One, Two Apple Crunch
Three, Four Apple Munch
We crunch and munch, and munch and crunch
Until we have no more!

Ecole Elementaire Academie de la Tamise

In the afternoon, the entire school gathered in the gym for The Great Big Crunch. Skits, songs and dances were performed in honour of the event. After they celebrated the apple, all the staff and students crunched in unison
Students really got into "apple mode" by using body paint and stickers to decorate themselves!
Teachers show students how to 'bust a move'
Before they bit into their apples. 
After biting!

Madame "Pommette" for the day!
 See you next year!

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