Wednesday 21 November 2012

Get Involved!

While visiting programs over the past month, it is obvious that the schools that are able to involve the students in nutrition programs are always very successful. Students have great ideas and are enthusiastic about getting involved in their school. When students take ownership and responsibility for their own community, the results can sometimes be astounding. So why not use those eager students and have them help with your nutrition programs.

Having students assist in some way also helps eradicate the image that only 'poor and needy' students need snacks or breakfast. Everyone needs food and proper nutrition in order to feel ready for their day and participate.The stereotype that nutrition programs are only for those 'high risk' areas needs to disappear. This is a universal program.

I've listed some ideas on how you can get your students involved and have them assist you promote healthy eating and living.

  • Start a Healthy Foods Committee: students can help chair this and complete initiatives throughout the school.
  • Students can help you during the program: they can deliver snacks to classrooms or help with the preparation of food - depending on what it is. 
  • Nearby High School students need volunteer hours. Take advantage!
  • Have students come up with fundraisers and help make posters to promote it.
  • Students can help come up with fun themes or menu ideas they would like to try.
  • Have students do daily announcements with fun trivia or nutrition information.
 I would welcome any other suggestions or ideas if you'd like to leave a comment below!

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